Fire Training Simulators

Fire Training Simulators

Fires are unpredictable, work fast and can cause a huge amount of damage let alone the threat to people’s safety. Being prepared for all eventualities is something that should never be overlooked when it comes to fire safety. This is where fire training simulators come in and really help with the understanding of the power that a fire has.

Regardless of whether you feel you have enough fire training experience, getting a hands on view gives novices unprecedented view of what a fire looks like and how it behaves whilst remaining in a controlled environment. Paired with a fire training DVD, using a fire training simulator not only puts a DVD expertise into practice but shows an accurate indication of how dangerous a fire can be.

Helping to show the correct way to use a fire extinguisher, our fire training simulators are great for showing how to put a real life fire out whilst staying in a safe environment and helping to gain user confidence so that should a fire occur, nobody is completely thrown in the deep end.

With a range of different fire training simulators to chose from, they all help to indicate real life scenarios such as bin fires, chip pan fires, fire extinguisher training and fuel spill fires.

Take a look to decide which simulator would be best appropriate for you and your training here.

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  • Fire training tray c/w lighting kit - LPG Gas Powered

    Fire training tray c/w lighting kit - LPG Gas Powered

    Fire Assist

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    In the year 2018/2019, fire and rescue services attended 182,825 fires (GOV UK), up nine percent from the previous year. With statistics such as this and a variety of fires being attended such as primary and secondary fires as well as chimney fires,...
    MSRP: £1,762.44
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    MSRP: £1,762.44
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