Fire Blankets

Fire Blankets

Extremely useful when it comes to putting out small fires, our range of fire blankets are instrumental in the spread of flames and helping to restore safety. Highly flame resistant, robust and durable, our collection of fire blankets are ideal for kitchens where smaller fires may be more likely to occur.

Our range of premium fire blankets are very effective when it comes to putting out small fires. Manufactured by industry leader Firechief, our blankets are amongst the best on the market and can provide the protection you need.

A fire of course survives on heat, oxygen and fuel, removing the supply of oxygen means the flames will stop. Working by smothering a fire and cutting off it’s oxygen supply, fire blankets are effective at stopping the spread of flames and preventing further damage.

Being easily accessible and handy to store is of course important when it comes to fire safety equipment. After all, keeping all equipment as tidy as possible will also help to stop the spread of flames and reduce a fire hazard. Offering both rigid and soft cases for our blankets, you can opt for your ideal option whilst knowing that if a fire did unfortunately occur, a safety solution is nearby.

Take a look at our range of fire blankets to decide which size and case best suits you.

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