Who is responsible for fire safety awareness in the workplace?

Who is responsible for fire safety awareness in the workplace?

When it comes to fire safety in the workplace, the responsibility lies with the employer, building owner, an occupier or facilities or building manager. It falls down to them to ensure that the building that you work in is fire safe. Some of the steps they must follow include; identifying any risks, providing the correct training, keeping flammable substances and sources of ignition apart, ensure good housekeeping, consider how to detect fires, have the correct fire-fighting equipment and keeping all fire escape routes clear at all times.

It’s so important to ensure these simple steps are followed to ensure the safety of everybody in the workplace. In many businesses, fire wardens are appointed to look after the fire risks with their role involving everything fire safety related. When conducting a fire risk assessment, it’s important to consider factors that may be a hazard in the workplace. For example, in an office electrical equipment is a fire hazard, in a laboratory it could be flammable substances and in a kitchen it may be cooking appliances.

Carrying out a fire risk assessment draws attention to the high risk factors within the workplace meaning that you can follow the appropriate steps to reduce the risk of fire such as removing the items or storing them safely.

After a fire risk assessment has been filled out, it’s also important for all employees to receive training. Fire training involves highlighting the fire hazards in your workplace, what to do in an emergency and where the appropriate fire-fighting tools are should they be needed. This training can often be delivered via a DVD meaning it can be used for refresher training or if you gain new employees.

The person who is responsible for fire safety in the workplace should also conduct regular fire drills. This would involve checking that the fire alarm works as well as getting all staff to evacuate the building and meeting at the assigned fire assembly point far enough away from the workplace.

Other factors to consider when it comes to fire safety awareness is to raise awareness of the risks of fires and what staff need to do in an emergency. This can be done by having posters put up around the building as well as signs to indicate where to evacuate the building.

Keeping fire safety at the forefront of your responsibility as the business owner/employer/responsible person means that you are keeping everybody in your workplace as safe as possible whilst also reducing the risk of fire damage to your building, belongings as well as minimising the risk to peoples safety.

17th Nov 2020 Christopher Maltby CW

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