Why Fire Resistant Storage Solutions are important?

Why Fire Resistant Storage Solutions are important?

Fire safety is so important in the workplace and as an employer it is your duty to ensure all staff have regular fire safety training and making sure that there is a risk assessment in place. When you think of fire safety, the first thing that comes to mind is often fire alarms, fire extinguishers and the nearest meeting point from your fire exit. These are all of course very important fire safety measures however, many other factors often go forgotten.

To maintain fire safety, documents need to be kept safe and fire safety accessories such as fire sand, a fire fighters axe, an escape ladder and fire blankets all need to be stored somewhere that is easily accessible and that also keeps all items safe and in working order for an emergency, this is where fire storage comes in.

If these fire fighting products are not stored in the appropriate, fire safe storage units, the likelihood is that they will become damaged and won’t be fit for use when needed the most. Manufactured to the highest standard and with all products safety checked, opting for fire storage is a great way of not only keeping items safe but also keeping your employees safe at work.

Just a few examples of fire resistant storage solutions available are a red document cabinet and a large fire equipment chest. Finished in a vibrant red coating, all fire storage units are easily identified and are designed with ease of use in mind. A document cabinet for example can be easily fit on a wall making it very quick and accessible when needed to fill out any risk assessments or fire related forms. A large fire equipment chest for example, has a totally corrosion proof design, neoprene seal as well as an integral lock key mechanism making it completely weatherproof and ideal for internal or outside storage.

Other fire storage examples for you to browse are also fire extinguisher stands and a hose reel box meaning that if you come across a fire that you feel that you can combat yourself, you know that your fire extinguisher and hose reel are in good condition and will always be ready to use as they have been kept safe and away from damage in their appropriate storage cabinets.

It is of course important to ensure you have all fire safety measures in place when it comes to the workplace but, if your fire fighting equipment becomes damaged you are no better off. Making sure you store everything correctly means that should a fire occur, you know where to find the tools to help whilst also having the peace of mind that they are in good working condition and ready to use.

5th Sep 2020 Christopher Maltby CW

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